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The PANORAMA Podcast

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The Palos Verdes Peninsula PANORAMA magazine introduces The PANORAMA Podcast. Please take a listen as we discuss the world of local sports and community events and news with a rotating crew of PANORAMA writers, photographers and fans of all ages and levels.

Women In Leadership -  Mukarabe Makinto
Mukarabe Makinto is a Peninsula resident and the mother of a USC senior, a Peninsula High senior and a Chadwick student. She is also a survivor of the Rwandan genocide who has worked with orphans, AIDS sufferers and extreme poverty in Africa. She and her husband George Makinto sat down with Panorama Podcast hosts Asumi Shuda, Sarah Liu and Fiona Yang for our Panorama Podcast Series “Women In Leadership.”

Premier Episode -  Local Profile
A series of conversatonal interviews with active residents living and working in our community. Listen to Episode 1 with Panorama Podcast reporter Asumi Shuda who chats with local resident and business owner George Makinto.

Premier Episode - Women In Leadership
A series of conversatonal interviews with women who share their ups and downs on the road to leadership in our community. Listen to Episode 1 with Panorama reporters Chiara Grimes and Sarah Liu as they talked with Eileen Hupp, leader of the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Local Youth Take Charge
Podcast host Sarah Liu interviews Peninsula High “Walkout” leaders Amira Belhedi and Olin Osborne to discuss student activism in 2018 and the recent walkout by students at Peninsula and Palos Verdes High Schools.

6 Minutes at the 27th annual Black & Gold Affair
Peninsula High School student Daniel Meyerhoff interviews school and athletic leaders like Principal Brent Kuykendall and football coach Larry Campbell at the 27th annual Black and Gold Affair at the Palos Verdes Golf Club.

Palos Verdes High Freshman Softball Player Rachel Allen Panorama podcast host Sarah Liu talks softball on the Peninsula, travel sports, dedicated parents, University of Notre Dame and traveling to Cuba with Palos Verdes High freshman softball player Rachel Allen.


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